Our Mission:

Provide the most advanced, high quality education and training to individuals interested in learning the Ultra Depth® Process and how to achieve these profound states of consciousness and awareness. To assist any individual interested in experiencing the benefits of the Ultra Depth®Process. To educate the general public in the potentials of this incredible process of exploration into the human mind and spirit.

One of the goals of Ultra Depth® International (also known as UDI) is to ensure that this knowledge is used for the highest good of those who seek out the Ultra Depth® Process training and certification. Assisting our clients on the path of self-healing on the mental, spiritual, emotional or physical levels. All Ultra Depth® Practitioners, Facilitators and Educators are expected to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards. UDIserves as the registration and governing body for all Ultra Depth® Practitioners, Facilitators, Associate  Educators and Educators around the world.

Anyone interested in becoming an Ultra Depth® Practitioner, must complete all relevant coursework and pass exams that tests his or her skills and knowledge. On successful completion of the exams, the graduate will be issued a registration certificate. This certificate, however, becomes null and void if the Practitioner, Facilitator, Associate Educator or Educator violates his or her agreement issued by UDI or commits an unacceptable act or deed involving a client, student or any individual.

Both our distant learning and live training are the most in-depth and advanced trainings available today. We provide training for both the beginner, as well as the seasoned practitioner. We also offer Distant Learning Mini-Courses for non-Practitioners and the Practitioner who wishes to improve his or her knowledge and skills.