Welcome to the Ultra Depth® Process


a system which goes far beyond traditional methods in the exploration of consciousness and awareness through the use of specific hypnotic techniques. Ultra Depth®was first discovered in the mid 1960's by Walter A. Sichort, Sr. and later advanced by James Ramey. Traditional methods ends at the state of somnambulism and relies upon suggestion for results. TheUltra Depth® Process is specific technology which includes three more profound depths for incredible results. They are the Esdaile, Sichort and Zed States.

This process guides an individual at their own pace into the most profound depth of consciousness and awareness, the Sichort State.  In the conditioning of an individual to achieve the Sichort State, the individual must first achieve profound somnambulism and then this is anchored by a keyword or verbal anchor which is later used as an instant induction.  Profound somnambulism is where an individual becomes completely amnesic. Then another keyword anchored to be used to emerge that individual from this or any other level of depth that they are experiencing at that time.

Then the individual must achieve the Esdaile State and this must be tested by deep Catatonic responses of the individual's limbs while the muscles remain flaccid and this is anchored in by a different keyword.  The Esdaile State provides general anesthesia instantly without any verbal suggestions what-so-ever. Finally the individual must achieve the Sichort State and this is anchored in with yet a different keyword.  The Sichort State not only provides general anesthesia without verbal suggestion but, the individual's rate of healing is increased six to ten times their normal rate of healing time. This is what I call the, "staging process" which is done very specifically and this is where the individual learns how to use their keywords on their own.

The Ultra Depth® Process enables the individual to be able to instantly induce either real local and/or general anesthesia without an operator continuously bombarding the individual with verbal suggestions. Thus, making it possible for the individual to undergo minor or major surgery without the use of any chemical anesthesia and without the chances of anesthesia awareness taking place. This can be achieved by any individual who truly desires to and once fully staged, it is available to that individual for the rest of his or her life.

This remarkable system James worked extensively to make it reproducible, allows an individual to experience such things as rapid self-healing, real anesthesia without suggestion and much more. The techniques work in any language and has already been translated into Korean, German and now is being translated into Arabic. James discovered that the Sichort State is the same hypnotic state that Mr. Edgar Cayce (America's Sleeping Prophet) entered when he did his remarkable medical readings that helped so many individuals where the medical profession had failed. Edgar Cayce was able to achieved this state naturally after being hypnotized and taught self-hypnosis.  Of course back in those days there was no name for this state. James found that any individual who achieves this profound state, can do exactly as Edgar Cayce was able to do and even more. The state that Mr. Cayce reached was never explored any further by anyone until now.  No one understood how Mr. Cayce was able to do what he did.  Everyone just thought he he had a special gift. 

In a sense Edgar Cayce did have a special gift because, he was able to get out of the way of his Subconscious, so his Subconscious could speak verbally and help those in need.  It was Mr. Cayce's own words that told us where and what was speaking that delivered all of those natural ways for individuals to heal.  He was once asked where he felt this knowledge was coming from.  His reply was that it came from his Subconscious because he had no knowledge like this.  It is my belief that most who study him today, still do not understand what he was doing. It wasn't until James read much on Mr. Cayce that he figured out what Mr. Sichort had really discovered