A personal note from James:

Many individuals ask me from time-to-time, "What is the Ultra Depth
® Process?"  My reply is that, Ultra Depth® has been called by accepted authorities in hypnosis as the most astounding and little known discovery of our time.  The Ultra DepthProcess is a tool that actually facilitates direct and powerful communication with our "Higher Mind" — what I call, "Subconscious". The Ultra Depth® Process helps an individual to gain a new and different understanding of the role of the Subconscious in our daily lives. You will begin to know the potential Subconscious has to partner with us to achieve powerful healing, both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Ultra Depth® was first discovered in the mid 1960s by Walter Sichort of Blackwood, New Jersey while working with his first assistant Mary Borgessi.  There, at his Institute of Relaxation, he later worked with his partner Sarah Zane teaching classes in hypnosis and continued to make profound discoveries into the human mind and brain.  Much of his and Sarah’s work was validated by Doctors Dolman and Markow of Philadelphia.  What Walter called "Ultra Depth®", we now refer to as the ‘Sichort State’ in his honor.  Walter never actually taught the Ultra Depth® — he just demonstrated it with Sarah.  It was left to me, unknowingly as Walter’s apprentice since 1974, to create a system for reproducing the three levels of ‘depth’ and what may lay beyond.

I studied with Mr. Sichort for over seven years and we worked together on many occasions with individuals. Before his passing he handed to me the responsibility of developing a system that could be reproducible for others to learn and discover what other uses this could be applied to.  It wasn't until his passing that I decided to begin teaching what I had learned to-date and that was in the 90's.  Yes, I got out there and taught what I thought was all of the information about this.  But, I keep discovering more and more with each individual that I worked with. Then, Walter's family asked me to protect his name and his work.  So, I renamed the state the Sichort State in his honor and decided to name the training Ultra Depth®.  Over the years, I have taught all over the US, Canada, UK, France and other countries.

Since then, I have refined the techniques and training with each class I taught.  I also found that what I was doing was far beyond what other practitioners were doing with hypnosis.  Then my students began asking if there was another name that we could call this because it was not what they learned in other hypnosis trainings they encountered.  So I set off to rename what we were doing and finally I was unable to come up with the answer.

In December of 2004 and taught two five-day trainings in France.  I encountered much resistance from some of the students with the different techniques I was teaching. The second training was much better but, I still found that because of prior trainings some of the students were not happy to accept this as hypnosis. During classes in Sedona, I encountered some students that became reluctant to call Ultra Depth®, hypnosis and insisted on me coming up with a new name for it. I knew in my heart that Ultra Depth® was different, not only in the process but in the results as well. In the making of the video portion of the Ultra Depth® distant learning course one of the participants in the video, Dr. Noel John Carrasco, MD said to me, "Since it is not traditional hypnosis, what are you going to call it?"  I replied that it is really a process and he interrupted me and shouted, "That's it, the Ultra Depth® Process" and so it fit well.

I have found that the Ultra Depth® Process can be used for any situation that an individual may need to achieve self-healing.Ultra Depth® is ideal for physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual situations that may be challenging an individual.  It is the individual's own Subconscious who does the work necessary to facilitate the healing, not the practitioner.  I have discovered far more about Ultra Depth® and the human mind and spirit since Mr. Sichort's passing, than I ever believed or imagined.  The power to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually resides within each of us.  We, in Ultra Depth®, call this power our Subconscious.

In more than a two decades, powerful and effective therapeutic applications were developed.  In August of 1997, Walter Sichort had granted his only seal of approval to my work, that he and I started many years before. Since that time, the work has been refined and through practice integrated into the current training. The Ultra Depth® Process provides practitioners with oriented tools that will yield powerful results that are beyond what most have ever experienced before.

Nearly twenty years later, I personally discovered what I believe to be yet another state beyond the Sichort Sate.  I call it the, "Zed State."  I have worked with this state successfully enough times to make it public. The Zed State is where the individual's Superconscious can be accessed.  It is accomplished using the Step Regression and Reverse Staging techniques taught in the training. It enables regressions like never seen before, because it provides a method to bring forth the actual past personality and in most cases the Conscious individual has no recall of what transpired during the regression.

When this occurs, instead of the person saying I remember myself or I see myself doing such and such, to one of their past-life personalities opening of the physical eyelids and speaking in another language. As this happens the personality understands everything that is said but you cannot understand them.  However, I found a way to get that personality to speak in the language of the present personality.  This way you can understand what the past personality is saying and the practitioner can converse with the past personality easily and clearly.

It is my belief that the Ultra Depth® Process is beyond traditional hypnosis and has the potential to create major and positive shifts in our consciousness and awareness in the process of life and living.  I would even go as far as to suggest that working with Subconscious is perhaps a back door to world peace.  It is when we understand and experience the true nature of our Subconscious that we will begin to treat ourselves and our neighbors with honor, integrity, respect and dignity.

Thank you for your interest.